Seven Delicious and Easy Soups and Stews!


We are having a rather early fall here in southern Kentucky this year.  The weather is much cooler and fall like than it usually is by now.  Of course, we had an extremely early spring also so that may be why.  The leaves are turning and my yard is actually already almost covered.  As I have said before, I am not a cool weather person and I absolutely hate winter, but there is one thing I do like about the fall season...well there are actually several things, but the food and the holidays are the best things.  I love soups and actually we eat soup all year round to some extent, but it's a little hard to enjoy a steaming bowl of soup when it's over 100 degrees out.   It's the most comforting thing in the world when air is turning crisp and the days are getting so much shorter.

I get so many requests for various soups and I haven't nearly gotten them all covered yet, but I decided to condense some of the most popular ones in one place to make it easier to find them.  These are some of our favorite soups, but not nearly all of them, so I will be adding to this.

 Just click on the name of the recipe below the picture to go to the recipes for each.  Let me know which ones are your family favorites!


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