Asparagus and Mushroom Stir Fry!

This "Asparagus and Mushroom Stir Fry" is a really easy side dish with just a few ingredients.  This compliments almost any main course or could be served as a vegetarian main course.  I love fresh asparagus and I am always looking for new ways to use it.  I think it is very under used in southern cooking

. Here is what you will need:
2 Tbs. oil (vegetable, canola, or olive oil works)
2 Tbs. butter
1 sweet onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 bunch fresh asparagus
2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms ( I used white mushrooms)
1/4 cup teriyaki sauce (I used Kikkoman)
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 Tbs. sesame seeds
1 tsp. red pepper flakes (optional)
juice of half of a lemon
1/2 cup water
2 tsp. cornstarch
Place the oil and butter in a deep rounded skillet or wok and heat to medium high.  Add the diced onion and cook until just softening.  Add the garlic and saute for just a minute or two.  Garlic can burn so don't cook too long. 
Break the woody ends off of the asparagus.  If you just bend the ends, it will natural break the tough woody part off.    Cut the asparagus on the diagonal in 1 inch to 2 inch pieces.   Place in the skillet and saute for about 4-5 minutes.  Add the mushrooms and saute with the other ingredients for about 2-3 minutes more or until just starting to soften.   Add the teriyaki sauce, salt and pepper to taste, sesame seeds and red pepper flakes.  Squeeze the lemon juice over all and toss.   In a separate bowl, mix the water and 2 tsp. cornstarch until smooth.  Pour over all and heat until the sauce thickens a little.

This is so good with beef, chicken or pork or can be a vegetarian main course! 

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