Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken!

I first saw this recipe on a country music website, of all places,  and I had my doubts that it would actually turn out like a rotisserie chicken should so I didn't try it for a while. However, one week they had whole chickens on sale at Kroger and I decided to go ahead and chance it.  Boy, was I wrong.  It turned out amazingly good. As good as any chicken cooked on an actual rotisserie!

First, spray your slow cooker liberally with cooking spray.  This really makes clean up easy.  Next take foil and make balls a little smaller than base balls and line the bottom of the crock.

Wash your chicken inside and out and remove that weird bag of stuff they stick inside it (yuck) and discard it.  If you are leery of handling a raw chicken, invest in a some latex gloves.  Sprinkle the chicken inside and out with Lawry's poultry and chicken rub, pepper and garlic powder.  Dot with about a 1/3 stick of butter and put some sprigs of fresh rosemary on top.  The rosemary is optional but it makes it smell so good cooking.  Put the top on and cook 8 hours on low or 4-5 on high depending on how your slow cooker cooks. They all seem to vary.  I usually do mine about 4.5 hours on high.  Carefully remove from slow cooker and place on cutting board.  Let it rest 10 minutes before you carve it or you will lose a lot of the juices and your chicken will be dry.

This is one of the best ways to cook a whole chicken I have ever found!  

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