Tori's Cornflake Candy!

As I have said before, I have a huge extended family on my mother's side and we all pretty much cook.  We start the kids cooking fairly young also...girls and boys.  I think we all just cook so much, the kids naturally pick up on it.

 I know my son did, because he was always in the kitchen watching what was going on and bugging me about when it would be  We all love to eat so cooking is something we also love to do.

This recipe is one my little cousin Tori made and brought to one of our big family birthday dinners and we all really loved it!  It's sort of addictive actually!  Tori is my Aunt Ann's granddaughter, who I have gotten  many wonderful recipes from, so she has a really good cooking instructor. It seems that Tori will carry on with the cooking tradition, because she has a real talent for it.  She made a peach cobbler last time we ate at their house that was to die for.

This is an easy candy to make and fun to get the kids involved in.   You can even use food coloring and to tint it for the holidays or add some mini M&M's that are the colors of the season.  Pastel ones would be great for Easter! 

Here is what you will need for this: 
1 cup sugar
1 cup white corn syrup
1 Tablespoon butter
1 cup peanut butter
6 cups cornflakes
In a heavy saucepan bring the sugar, corn syrup and butter to a rolling boil.    Remove from heat as soon as it boils.  Stir in the peanut butter and stir until blended.  
Place the cornflakes in a glass bowl and pour the peanut butter mixture over all.  Lightly toss to coat.  Drop by Tablespoon onto wax paper immediately.   Allow to cool for about a half hour.



  1. I have made these years, started when Special K cereal were shapped like a disk, now I use rice crispy cereal. But instead of pouring mixture over cereal, I pour the cereal in the pan I used to mix the other ingredients in.

  2. I make this using rice krispies. So good!

  3. I make this all the time and everyone loves it. It is a favorite of my middle son

  4. Have made this for years but I don't use the sugar and just pour the corn flakes in the pan and stir. They ARE addictive!

  5. My mother made these often but we called them corn flake "cookies".

  6. I am 61 and remember these from elementary school. I haven't had one since then. Now with a recipe I can make some for my grandchildren. Better yet, they can make them for me.

  7. This is popular treat at functions but I use vanilla extract instead of butter and lightly pat it down in a cookie sheet, let it cool then cut into squares and wrap it up with seran wrap. Another alternative is to use Fritos instead of cornflakes.



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