Ten Southern Pies for the Holidays!

I am not sure which goes over better during the holidays when it comes to cakes or pies!  Oh, of course, the big three layer cakes with the beautiful whipped frosting and sometimes fillings between the layers and nuts all over the top, get all of the oohs and ahhs and attention, but sometimes I find that the pies really go faster than the cakes.  So, my theory is that you need some of both!   Of course, if you are from the South, you know that is never a problem and there will always be plenty of both!   Here are ten of the pies I get requests for the most that are really great for the holidays!  This is just a fraction of the pies, so if you don't find what you are looking for, just ask, it is probably on the site or I can add it to my list of things to make.  

To go to the recipe for each pie, click on the name of the pie under each picture!


  1. These certainly arent strictly southern pies. My family had the biggest part of these in Pennsylvania when I was a kid. The only one we did'nt have is sweet potato pie, and we had them on the table for a side dish, we had pumpkin pie instead. We had many more different kinds than this too. Pennsylvania is Amish country and no one can make pies like the Amish.

  2. Much of our southern cuisine has migrated to other parts of the country and even to other countries. This is just a post for 10 of our most requested recipes and certainly isn't meant to represent every pie we bake in the South. Of course, there are many more. There are many more pie recipes on the site if you are interested in them.



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