10 Great Mexican Inspired Recipes for Cinco De Mayo!

I love Mexican, spicy food, as most of you can probably tell by the number of recipes I post that are little on the spicy side,  so what better occasion to celebrate such food than Cinco de Mayo!   Cinco de Mayo literally means the 5th of May in Spanish and is a celebration of Independence.  From what I have read, it was originally a celebration of the end of the French occupation of Mexico and their freedom from the French.   I am sure some of you, will correct me on that if it's not correct, however.  Now, it's more of a celebration of Mexican pride and heritage.  For me, it's a celebration for Mexican food and I love some Mexican food.

 Here is a collection of 10 "Mexican inspired" recipes you might like to celebrate with.  Notice I said "Mexican inspired", not authentic Mexican dishes.  I am a woman from Kentucky so inspired is as good as you get.  To view the recipes for these dishes, click on the link below each picture.


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  1. The patties didn't come through. What is their name so I can find them? Thank you!



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