Fruit Filled Flag Cake!

Remember the 'poke cakes' that were all the rage years ago?  Well, evidently due to food blogs and Pinterest and such, they are making a comeback.  I always thought they looked kinda cool and it does turn out a super moist cake, so I am glad they have been discovered again. 

This is  sort of a kicked up poke cake that I decorated for the patriotic holidays and it's as easy as pie...or poke cake in this case. 

 Here is what you need:

1 box white or yellow cake mix  prepared as the package directs ( I actually used lemon because I like lemon and strawberry together)
1 3oz.  box of strawberry Jello
1 cup boiling water
1 cup cold water
3-4 bananas sliced
2 Tbs. lemon juice
1 small can crushed pineapple drained
1 pint fresh blueberries
1 pint fresh strawberries
2  8oz. blocks of cream cheese, softened
8 oz. frozen whipped topping
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Bake your cake as directed on the package in a 9"x13" pan.  Cool for about 30 minutes.  With a fork poke holes in the cake all over but leave some space between.  I used a meat fork because it makes bigger holes spaced further apart.

Prepare the Jello according to the package directions with the boiling water and cold water.

Once the Jello starts to thicken a little, pour it over the entire cake.  Refrigerate for 3-4  hours until the gelatin sets up. Drain the pineapple well and spread over the cake.  Slice the bananas and sprinkle them with the lemon juice to keep them from turning dark.  Layer the bananas in a single layer over the pineapple.  Use half of the blueberries and sprinkle them over the bananas.  Reserve the other half for the 'stars' on the cake.

With an electric mixer beat the softened cream cheese with the confectioners sugar and the vanilla until fluffy.  Then fold in the whipped topping.  Spread over the top of the cake.  Slice the strawberries in half and arrange them on the cake for the stripes. Use the remaining blueberries for the stars.   Keep chilled until ready to serve.

  Fruit Filled Flag Cake!

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  1. I Love this idea for a great cake can't wait to get it started. Thanks Lots for all these wonderful recipes.



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