Easter Peeps Flower Arrangement!

I am loving all of the ways I am seeing Peeps used for Easter this year!  Peeps have always been my son's favorite at Easter (he's 23 and he still loves Peeps).  I understand that most kids don't really eat the Peeps in their Easter why do you keep buying them?  Because they are so cute and they fill the thing up I guess.  The funny thing is, my son ate the Peeps and left the big ole chocolate Easter bunny.  I ate, or his friends did when they all came over.  His friends never touched his Peeps though.  This is an idea for a floral arrangement using Peeps that I originally saw on Pinterest.  Next week, I am going to make a cake for Easter decorated with Peeps and Easter M&M's.  

I used branches from my dogwood tree for the flowers and jellybeans and two rows of Peeps for the vase.  Put a glass in the center of the bigger vase for your branches to go down in water. 

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