Gettin' Ready for Easter!

I love Easter.  Next to Christmas it's probably my second favorite holiday.  I love all things associated with Easter.  It's springtime, it's pastels and fun things like Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny.  It's a season for rebirth and renewal and  of course, most importantly for celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

I decorate for Easter almost as much as I do for Christmas...well maybe not quite, but I do have a lot of Easter and spring decor.  I also have found several Easter crafts that are really nice to make.   For the next few posts, I am going to feature recipes that would make up the perfect Easter dinner and some of the decoration and craft ideas.   I am going to start with a springtime salad and a picture of my Easter Tree.  Yes, I said Easter Tree.  I keep this pencil tree up all year long and change it for each holiday or season.  I like to add things to it each year.  All of the kids that come over to our house love it, my husband on the other hand, thinks I am  What's new, right?

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